Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Losing out patience

at last ni ......... i am done with it, to show you something. been trying to search for the pics in this comp for quite sometime! dunno where it is!! anyway its here! and thats the album i bought! have a look if my taste is just as good as yours! hahaha! let me know............

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cute Baby !!!

Guess who ??? Look who is on the pic ? isn't she cute ? hahaha! ohh my skin is just getting thicker........ just wanna share.

A memorable day at Empire

Our dinner at spaghettini was sumptuous! look what we had at the pics ??? ooppsss saliva dripping......... actually its not the food that cheers people up . Good meal should also accompanied with ppl that u love and ppl that love you. Dun u all think so? To have good food but taking it alone just taste yucky ! Thanks God for giving us such a good family and good food. We must all treasure !! i have to say a big thank you to my sisters and my god sisters for giving me such a memorable day.

View of Empire

Empire really has a nice view in which its good for photo taking....... its really a nice place for relaxing......... my dearest sister ler knows that i am interested and thus she booked a room just for us to relax and enjoy last sat ( 1 st dec ) . A thousand thank you to her . Will always remember that! Always and forever in my heart!

Model of the day...

My model of the day....... helps to create a better pic on the blog today......... that little girl who was playing on her own was willing to pose for me with her mermaid tail made with sand ......

The Mermaid !!!

Jadie's fav princess is ariel........ thus she likes swimming...... here's some of her different swimming strokes...... not bad huh....... she might be our family olympic swimmer in the future. Keep it up Jade!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Jadie and her mom's Achipai!

Pics arrangement is always one of my problems! i never get it right for once! anyway........ atleast i know how to upload pics and have a blog! proud of myself! ha ha ha! going mad........

Ok here's jadie! isn't she cute!!! grown up so much and to my surprise she is no more stubborn but a well behaved girl. Both Hong and jadie came for their visit! feel so touched and i miss them so much after they left!

Thats Hong's signature pie "ACHIPAI" haha! can't tell its a funny face on that pie! but its yummy, dun judge it by its look! haha!!! remember the eyebrow hong??????? ha ha ha!

Looking forward for to see them............... but when?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jaime the princess

Princess of the day.........

The Barney Party

Wen was enjoying herself at the party yesterday without making any noise.............. she was behaving so well that she's ok with everyone carrying her around.......... look isn't she cute with the hat on??? there's another that she had the mask on her face but i did not manage to get a shot of that becos we were all busy laughing at her!!! ha ha ha

Thursday, October 19, 2006

3 Beauties ( 2nd version )

Hey guys...... vote! vote !vote! look who is prettier i am going to enrol them in hk beauty peagent2007 ! not bad huh!!! hahaha! But they really look good! maybe its becos i am good a photographer that i know which is the best angle to aim for! hahaha!!! They should reward me for this!!! haha ! Hong what do u think about them???

Cousin's Scrap

It has so much of the new year feel ! Decided to pass it on to our big sister NANA to keep it for us since she is so much older than us lahhh! hahaha nolahh its becos her b'day is coming soon but i am just wondering how she is going to perserve this piece of work! hahaha!!! i just don't want her to chuck it somewhere under her bed !!! hahaha!!! i am just kidding! i am sure she won't do that! :))))
Hey guys have a closer look ! it has our nick on it hanging like the sushi bar menu! hahaha! but i found it cute after designing it! its arranged according to our age! hahaha! nolahhh na although your name is first in the line but u look so much younger than your age, only if you comb your hair! hahaha!

Latest Piece of Work

Hey guys....... this might be a better piece of work than my previous scrap! hahaha! at least some improvement huh! Jaime's scrap looks cute and better. Mine will be so much simpler becos i am just not as cute as her! that's absolutely true! hahah! what do u think na? i just found out that i didn't have the one with your pics on in my comp! aiyaaaa i will upload it and send it to you! i am just an IT idiot ! i have difficulties figuring out with all the comp stuff!!! get very fruastrated if i cannot get it done properly! ok i better stop my crap and get kicking.........

Friday, September 29, 2006

May's masterpiece

May was interested in it tooo sooo we decided to do one
together but she designed her own . not bad huh hahahaha! Alright hong..... these are the tool kit that i have and i bet you will be crazy about the pattern papers! oklahhh better not itch your heart! will share it with you when i am back ok!


Its been long ago that i wanted to try scrapbooking and i finally had the time few weeks ago to attend the class! it was fun! and i fell in love with it tooo!!! welll scrapbook is for those who really found that they have plenty of time to scrap ! becos u will spend endless time to create one! well its a perfect gift for someone that u think they deserve it or maybe someone that will appreciate it! otherwise ppl might think that is rubbish! hahaha! but i guess only hong knows what i am talking about becos she was the one who introduce it to me! welll hong since u r not here i will help you to learn and let you know what we should do with it when i am back ok! that's my results! it wasn't a good one! but welll its my first scrap sooo will keep you guys update with the more perfect piece of my artwork.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


After a long hectic week....... all i want is just a good meal. Its been a long time i wanted to go for japanese but no chance. Today finally i went to tatsuya. Yes!its really nice ..... reasonable price and good service....

I was sooo careless my tempura set picture was not taken properly and i forgot to take the chawamushi picture............. erghh....................

Today i tasted the best chawamushi that i had in my life. Ling u must try it when u touch down singapore. The tamago tasted great too....... just like sponge cake. I guess we should try on the sushi bar. Ohhh...... can't wait.


Strawberry Shortcakes and Iced Mocha for Breakfast today. May and i shared becos we are just too fat to have more than that! Controlling.....

Monday, September 11, 2006

Porridge Base Steamboat

Pei fang i think i know what u r talking about porridge base steamboat. Its presented in a steamboat pot , u r right. U can get it at Tiong Bahru market. Quite interesting dish to try on!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 Beauties

Took it this afternoon excluding me becos i just look soo fat ......... will post up my pic when i look a bit slimmer without my prednisolone ya! wait patiently!

Button shoes

Pei fang : this is what may want to show you !


creme brulee Macha Ice cream

These two desserts came together with it too . Quite worth it! Although i felt that they are not as good as K'S ( ofcourse ) haha.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tao's Restaurant

Its may b'day today and we have decided to go for lunch but dunno where to go ....... so its time to flip up books again for ideas . We chose one of these taiwanese rest called the Tao's! They uses pottery as theme. Least to our expectation its cheap and ideal place for us to chill out next time ni ! They served by courses and it costs $19.80 per person for 6 course set lunch ! isn't it worth ? One thing that i like best is the drink! Iced fruit tea drink ....... Yummy. But i dun think the main course is as good ....... but i guess u will like it ........

Chef's Ling Recommendation

These two dishes are ling's best well cooked japanese food . Tempura and cold soba! its really nice if u take it in a hot afternoon .........not as oily but it freshen up your day.


An elegant presentation, named Desire . Its filled with white and chocolate mousse..... ermm not our taste but its not a bad try among all.

Choco Madness

Went to have some breeze yesterday....... though i am not a super fans of chocolates but this chocs attracts me to the counter..... thought it might be not as nice but its really good as there are rice puff in it that make it crunch...kr.....unc.....h ! ohhh this is ni's brand! so u must try it!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mini Fridge

Ling do u think its a good idea to buy a mini fridge specially for cosmetics and medicine for our room? i saw it over the magazine that selling at a retail store! not very expensive its just about $150. what do u think about it?

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Japanese Workbook

Ling this is my japanese workbook that i bought to refresh myself with my long lost japanese words that i have studied so hard in perth! but finally with this book i regained every single word back! it also help me to kill my time while i was waiting for my uncle too!

Milo Dinosaurs

Ni ! Remember the milo dinosaurs that u saw at plaza singapura ? Yen yan came the other day and we went to try this and its really nice! actually u can just make it for your canteen tooo........ it really taste nice! milo kao koa with more milo and charge more! hahaha


Someone that everyone misses so much! But when u meet her u will like love her more! she is so cute ! she speaks like she is an adult to us............ and she can even have humour chatting..... and knows that u r just joking with her!


Ling this is for you .......... Fancl has this product called Rhythm up pack which is made up of yogurt base and you can add toppings into it. Result shows in 3mins in which it gave you radiant! and it really works ...... we tried it out yesterday may, san and i felt that we it really makes a difference on our face tooo.......... we bought a whole set for you to make you look radiant tooo! ha ha ha! Will try to ask " siau ler " to bring it back for you. Fancl a good brand to try on...... cheap and affordable! How was the collagen huh? never heard it from you drinking anymore?

Bought u an orange page tooo........ but its becos i like the food in it so much ........... so u must try to cook it for me when i get back becos u can only cook japanese best! ha ha ha!

May's B'day Present

May wanted to have a luggage long ago but couldn't find one............. went to OG the other day to grab this good bargain LOJEL latest model ........... cheap and nice color huh.............. I chose it for her becos i like the design too..........

Fatty Treats


Jivara Hey look at these.............. its really delicious that u must really try when u get to bakerzin one day.......... jivara was may's choice and souffle was mine.......... both of us indulge in these two pieces of cakes without hesitation ahh................ but i missed out my creme brulee...... nevermind will wait for you ling............. hahahaha.