Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Losing out patience

at last ni ......... i am done with it, to show you something. been trying to search for the pics in this comp for quite sometime! dunno where it is!! anyway its here! and thats the album i bought! have a look if my taste is just as good as yours! hahaha! let me know............

Monday, December 04, 2006

Cute Baby !!!

Guess who ??? Look who is on the pic ? isn't she cute ? hahaha! ohh my skin is just getting thicker........ just wanna share.

A memorable day at Empire

Our dinner at spaghettini was sumptuous! look what we had at the pics ??? ooppsss saliva dripping......... actually its not the food that cheers people up . Good meal should also accompanied with ppl that u love and ppl that love you. Dun u all think so? To have good food but taking it alone just taste yucky ! Thanks God for giving us such a good family and good food. We must all treasure !! i have to say a big thank you to my sisters and my god sisters for giving me such a memorable day.

View of Empire

Empire really has a nice view in which its good for photo taking....... its really a nice place for relaxing......... my dearest sister ler knows that i am interested and thus she booked a room just for us to relax and enjoy last sat ( 1 st dec ) . A thousand thank you to her . Will always remember that! Always and forever in my heart!

Model of the day...

My model of the day....... helps to create a better pic on the blog today......... that little girl who was playing on her own was willing to pose for me with her mermaid tail made with sand ......

The Mermaid !!!

Jadie's fav princess is ariel........ thus she likes swimming...... here's some of her different swimming strokes...... not bad huh....... she might be our family olympic swimmer in the future. Keep it up Jade!