Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cute Lehhhh!!!

Sticker pictures scanned ........ Jas our pics looks good , isn't it ? this time we should try the one at Bugis its soo much clearer by compared hehe! but i think our pose are quite cute...... hahah yuckss...... but we are never too old for anything, right? hahaha! Just wanna show u the pics asap! Hope u like it ! Will pass it to you when we meet up!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


She is no more little jaime........promoted to become Big sister this month....... but isn't she cute with her fusion kimino dress on ?

Kimchi Sushi Sashimi

Had a great dinner with jasmine yesterday........... kaypoh lots and laugh lots tooo! i have our sticker pics transfered to photo but it will only be ready by tomorrow! hopefully it turns out nice! We should have try it again since we know what to do with the machine this time! its really fun! but i guess we better try out it once again otherwise we will be just too old for it in few years time! ha ha ha! never be tooo old for anything..............

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Buttermilk Prawn

Buttermilk prawn and chicken are two of the 'MUST' order dish when i am out for either lunch or dinner. But today i can cook it on my own ( proud of myself) without having the trouble of going out to the restaurant. All the thanks to Miss Ho ( Pei Fang) for her instructions and advice on the ingredients ( everyone said its sooo nice ) ! Her word of mouth is so much easier for me to follow instructions/ methods on cooking rather than me reading through the receipe book ( becos sometime u just dun understand what the book is talking about ) . Those who are interested ... let me know but i do charge! :) Will give commission to Miss Ho definetly.