Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Jaime the princess

Princess of the day.........

The Barney Party

Wen was enjoying herself at the party yesterday without making any noise.............. she was behaving so well that she's ok with everyone carrying her around.......... look isn't she cute with the hat on??? there's another that she had the mask on her face but i did not manage to get a shot of that becos we were all busy laughing at her!!! ha ha ha

Thursday, October 19, 2006

3 Beauties ( 2nd version )

Hey guys...... vote! vote !vote! look who is prettier i am going to enrol them in hk beauty peagent2007 ! not bad huh!!! hahaha! But they really look good! maybe its becos i am good a photographer that i know which is the best angle to aim for! hahaha!!! They should reward me for this!!! haha ! Hong what do u think about them???

Cousin's Scrap

It has so much of the new year feel ! Decided to pass it on to our big sister NANA to keep it for us since she is so much older than us lahhh! hahaha nolahh its becos her b'day is coming soon but i am just wondering how she is going to perserve this piece of work! hahaha!!! i just don't want her to chuck it somewhere under her bed !!! hahaha!!! i am just kidding! i am sure she won't do that! :))))
Hey guys have a closer look ! it has our nick on it hanging like the sushi bar menu! hahaha! but i found it cute after designing it! its arranged according to our age! hahaha! nolahhh na although your name is first in the line but u look so much younger than your age, only if you comb your hair! hahaha!

Latest Piece of Work

Hey guys....... this might be a better piece of work than my previous scrap! hahaha! at least some improvement huh! Jaime's scrap looks cute and better. Mine will be so much simpler becos i am just not as cute as her! that's absolutely true! hahah! what do u think na? i just found out that i didn't have the one with your pics on in my comp! aiyaaaa i will upload it and send it to you! i am just an IT idiot ! i have difficulties figuring out with all the comp stuff!!! get very fruastrated if i cannot get it done properly! ok i better stop my crap and get kicking.........