Sunday, February 17, 2008


Little allyssa is really cute with her different pose on the camera, cheeze as she will say whenever she saw camera lights on .....

Good Luck...

As usual Lion dance carries the feel of Chinese New Year ! Lion dance perfomance this year is tremendous . Surprisingly Allyssa likes the lion dance alot and she can imitate how the lion dances . A pic with uncle Ping Khiong at granny's place. Uncle looks very smart , isn't he ? Should have suggested him to put on tie next year ! he he he !

Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy New Year

Ohhh welll...... its been a while that i have not updated my blog.... something great happening in life, hopefully it will become better in the year to come ... Happy new year everyone..... Cousins and friends must be complaining why there isn't any updated things on the blog..... started work since jan, so life is getting back to normal again and hopefully more good news to come by in the blog this year! Few pics here that i steal from ni's blog without her permission becos she owns a better camera than mine this year...... :) Hey look at the pic that we took during cny...... as usual its black jack's day every 1st day of cny.... but this year the mood of gambling is not very much as high..... maybe this shows the sign of age tooo ! The main focus of the year is the little ones running around..... look at the sofa and place that they took pictures aren't that our space while we were young ? good old memories....... Another pic taken at yatch club, thanks to kwong for his treat ...... nice place and nice people to gather around for chit chat !