Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ling this is for you .......... Fancl has this product called Rhythm up pack which is made up of yogurt base and you can add toppings into it. Result shows in 3mins in which it gave you radiant! and it really works ...... we tried it out yesterday may, san and i felt that we it really makes a difference on our face tooo.......... we bought a whole set for you to make you look radiant tooo! ha ha ha! Will try to ask " siau ler " to bring it back for you. Fancl a good brand to try on...... cheap and affordable! How was the collagen huh? never heard it from you drinking anymore?

Bought u an orange page tooo........ but its becos i like the food in it so much ........... so u must try to cook it for me when i get back becos u can only cook japanese best! ha ha ha!


sieyee said...

Nah.. ling.. ur fancl from japan one.. hahaa..after u use u will like GIGI Leung.. haha

Maureen said...

me now out of budget soo fancl is good enough for me! no more sk2! hahaha