Friday, June 18, 2010

Ho Chi Minh City

The one and only pic that we took at Ho Chi Minh City, too heavy to bring the camera around and its not safe to bring out a big bag out at the city........

The shopping that i had ........ lots more but how to take all and show all ? surely it won't be any regret to do shopping there ...... lots that i wanted to bring back but guess that will be too much of more than enough.
ohhhhhh bread bread bread.......... delicious " ban mi " from ho chi minh..... its a must try when u r there......they have traditional french style baguette that make ur saliva drool if you are a fan of bread ! Watch out for those who are going to Ho Chi Minh..... the only trustable taxi that u must wave for is the VINASUN..... there are lots of imitated taxi that will burn ur pocket.

Went for a french dinner but i think i can cook better than that...... the soup is nice which i can't cook for that taste yet but for the lamb definetly i can cook better......ooopps getting a little proud here but trust me never order the lamb cutlet..... overalll rating for this restaurant is just worth a try and its tooo expensive.

A must try for all the coffee drinker out there..... the broken rice set is specially bought and flown in with me . Its all worth it because it makes the day and put a smile on the face after eating. Pho and spring roll tasted good tooo.

Dim sum in Ho Chi Minh they serve hk style dim sum but i am never a great fan of dim sum sooo we did not order much.

This is how local vietnamese set up their business . Its a good experience to observe how their daily life is all about . Ho chi minh is still a developing country however people there are surviving well each day by supporting themselves on whatever they can earn.