Saturday, August 25, 2007

Making sense out of life

I understand that we'll never able to understand everything that is happening in our universe. Its becos we are just a tiny complex human living in a huge complex universe . So how can we get to understand everything ? I really do understand that everyone of us is just uniquely different from one another inorder to fit in this universe. We are just like the jigsaw puzzle that every pieces fits in perfectly well to make a perfect picture.
Sometime people around us that behave oddly and we just dun understand why. Thing just go unexpectedly wrongly that we blame on why does it happen . Everything just seems like not making any sense out of it . We tried our best to work it all out but in the end we'll just drive ourself crazy. I have learnt through so much in life but i have only realise that sometime people just dun make sense out of life because sometime we do things that does not make sense too , so why blame on others? Today i finally realise that life doesn't always makes sense. So just let it go and discover the peace of mind and search for things that makes you happy. That's what make sense to our life.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I always believe that in every one of us there should be a personal boundaries in which no one should crose either physically unless its invited..... Being to be respected is important ! Just to know the limitations on what u really want in your life . Being self respect is always important ! I can't expect others to respect me unless I respect myself . Once the imaginary lines are drawn , it will be alot easier for me to stay stronger and be more assertive .
After all.... lets try to see life not as the enemy but as a friendly sparring partner. We just dun need to improve or change to strive for perfection, but just accept yourself as who you are . Its becos we can't expect others to understand us, unless we understand ourself more. Always leave a little space for ourself each day to reflect , to understand and to respect . Keep our life just simple , bare and pure.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Magic Bowl

Here's the magic bowl of my house ..... finally a decent fish tank ..... all the thanks to Yeu! He is the one who helped me everything in that tank......providing me with his own breed of fishes...... proper use of filter , just everything ! thank you so much ... why do i call it the magic bowl...... its becos whoever happens to sit beside the tank just can't help to take a closer look at it ! by just seeing how the fishes swim it is very therapeutic. My magic bowl !

Friday, August 17, 2007

Sunshine After Rain !

Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect. It means you've decided to see beyond the imperfections. That's the only way that helped us to move forward in life....... went to watch Ratatouille yesterday its a great show . So u guys must watch it...... though its a cartoon but sometime we just need to escape from the real world to release stress and to believe in things that are not logic ..... its becos we have decided to be simply happy and to see beyond the imperfections............. there's always sunshine after rain......... if we are willing to step forward we might even see rainbow! Is that true ? welll we have just got to be optimistic ! Becos life just needs to go on , so why not be happy ?

Allyssa's Album

Here are the layouts for allyssa's album..... hopefully it is nicely presented... what do u all think about it ?

Friday, August 10, 2007


Here they are, Freshly baked cakes from bakerlyn. These are the cakes that we have always wanted to try in singapore............ travel all the way down to takashimaya just for the cakes remember ? hahaha! Here it is where we can just get it easily at bakerlyn , yeahhh that's here in brunei! Yummy....... Do drop by to try! We have nice doughnut's too which i heard, there are people writing on their blog which is a " must try " item whenever u visit bakerlyn. "Bakerlyn " just sounds good ehh...... being a little proud here, its given by me ! :)
Waiting for you to be back here na........ so we can enjoy it together ........ doreen tooo, i guess she must be hungry now! hahaha! Right here waiting........ Miss you guys tooo ..........