Sunday, July 13, 2008

Its Me !

Its "Me" layout, that i have just completed last night..... its been quite awhile that i have not scrap, worrying of the tonnes of outdated papers and embellishment stocking in the room ! forcing myself to close my eyes and telling myself that i dun need it when i see the latest arrival in laines blog ! hehehe. Not much of ideas on how to start the design of the layout and this is what i came out with no plans at all...... whatever that's on my eyelevel , i will just grab and put it on ! Here's how i present it !

Little Doggy

Thanks sister ler for the beautiful gift ....... this sister of mine always remember my favourites...... she recently bought a little doggy named "Peppino" from swarovski.... isn't it cute ? she gets me a few collections of my favourite brand of shirts and a pants from gap too which is also in doggy prints....... Thank u so much! I just love them all !

Sunday, July 06, 2008

My Hairstyles!

I personally can just see how my hairstlye changes throughout these years....... finally it came to the hairstlye that i always saw in my dream ........ Thanks god for loving me ........ and guys having hair is one thing that we should be thankful of....... so treasure yours tooo ! :)

Friday, July 04, 2008

Happening !

Helloo everyone here's my latest update of the " happening" in our family , manage to get a few shots of picture taken from Jin Yang which i believe its worth investing in a good camera as what my uncle LIMA always tell me ! nice pics, nice feeling ! how nice all these pics are taken ! New pics for my Layout ........... :)