Friday, September 14, 2007

Cute Claire

isn't she cute ?

Rebonded Hair !

Jadie with her hair rebonded .......... she has a superstar look !

Bali,Kuta !

Finally Bali is also a tremendous place for shoppings where u can get everything u need with better prices becos of the exchange rates....... its really a busy and heavily polluted city with lots of motorcylces and mini vans with lots of honksss ..... but with the prices and the shopping temptation.... that does not worry us anymore... prices can be deducted to 70% at the local souvenirs shops. Lots of australian surfers shops too at a cheaper price but i doubt the goods are genuine from australia, haha ! anyway..... with the price we will not complain for more! Thats all about bali from me.....


Its time to get some sun before i leave the friendly sunny spots..... went for an hour under the sun and feels so much better........... i am starting to like the sun more and enjoy laying down besides the poolside with just some read, for now i totally understand how diana enjoys herself lazing around the poolsides... u r no more crazy na ! ha ha ! shall we go bali for our 2008's cousin's gathering ? Going in a group will be really fun......... i guess its going to be really noisy too with laughters and jokes ! ermmm looking forward .......... can consider ?

Hyatt At Sanur

Another two nights stayed in hyatt at sanur...... older hotel since 1973.... hotels there are getting older and older... hehe but well they have nice rooms and nice ambience although their buildings looks really old and unattractive. They serves perfect full course breakfast everyday. lots of choices to choose from, but that's what i had for my breakfast everyday...... ermmm i still missed the pancakes.....

Indonesian Cuisine !

We had our indonesian food way back after our sightseeing trip........ ayam bakar was the tour guide strongly recommendations..... we tried and its delicious.... but i do still remember the indonesian food while in perth........ ermm yummy.

Sightseeing ( Mengwi & Tanah Lot )

Some sightseeing places that we have went........ i personally did not enjoy the sightseeing but i spent lots of time taking nice pictures just not to make my trip wasted.... hahaha! indeed i have a few nice pictures taken to show everyone... haha!


Dissapointing spa treatment ..... but well it was a good experience ... therapist was not well trained with smelly hands( traditional balinese eats without spoons, their hands stinks with spices which spoils everything of that night ) that's what dissapointed me ...

Balinese Massage......

Massage and spa were both what i am looking forward for the trip. Balinese massage with bargain along the beach was the best i ever had ...... what i like best was the service and the nice view that we have got . Facing the ocean while massaging is what i always dream of ! Will surely go back to nusa dua for it again ! Fresh and radiant after the massage !

Nusa Dua Beach Resorts

A very old resorts hotel since 1983..... but it has well maintained to its standard.

Its Bali !

Its Bali that we have always talked about ....... Its really a friendly and relaxing island where i strongly recommended for everyone who likes the sun ... including me surprisingly!