Friday, September 29, 2006


Its been long ago that i wanted to try scrapbooking and i finally had the time few weeks ago to attend the class! it was fun! and i fell in love with it tooo!!! welll scrapbook is for those who really found that they have plenty of time to scrap ! becos u will spend endless time to create one! well its a perfect gift for someone that u think they deserve it or maybe someone that will appreciate it! otherwise ppl might think that is rubbish! hahaha! but i guess only hong knows what i am talking about becos she was the one who introduce it to me! welll hong since u r not here i will help you to learn and let you know what we should do with it when i am back ok! that's my results! it wasn't a good one! but welll its my first scrap sooo will keep you guys update with the more perfect piece of my artwork.

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sieyee said...

wowoww.. bi.. very nice ah ... can i join as well?