Monday, August 21, 2006


nana's fav........ just to post it up to remind her our memories.

Green Tea Panna Cotta In Bird's Cage

Looks very well presented , it should taste really good if its served cold but it wasn't......quite dissapointed.

Mochi WIth Green Tea Ice cream

Nicely presentable and its suitable for a hot afternoon desert. Very refreshing.


Jaime with her smelly fingers! she is cute, isn't she ?

Hong & Jadie

Jadie's visit in may with hong and ler....... !


Ribs and Chicken combo its a good choice as you get the chance to try both! The ribs taste better ofcourse chicken aren't that bad too. Corn is just too nice! Once in a while to enjoy all the tasty food is really what i am thinking at this moment.

Tony Romas

Tony Romas........ Went there for lunch. It was quite nice....this onion loaf was not that bad just abit tooo oily. Sooo....... i recommend half loaf for ladies is enough.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

May's Papillio

May bought a pair too! Everyone is saying that her's look better! but i dun think mine looks that bad too! welll its just a comparison! hahaha! Fussy me!

Papillio sandals

This sandal is in trend here in singapore! selling $129 for reatails at Birkenstock but we just got it for half the price from the internet! Thanks to the NUH nurses . Its the nurses that helped me to get this pair !

Mum's Fried Rice

My mum's fried rice...... it looks delicious but it also taste good too! haha! My mum insisted to fried it although we have our curry rice ready becos she just hate overnight rice. We are all too full for it so i thought might just as well share it with everyone of you here! haha!

Japanese Curry Rice

My Dinner for tonight, japanese curry rice! I have been thinking of this dish for a long time but i have no energy to get myself up to cook it! i went to Tonkichi ( japanese katsu rest ) ordered this dish but it wasn't that nice and it costs me $16..... the way i cooked seems better hey..... :)
What do u guys think about it ?

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tanyu Pot

Hey look at his small pot! i t really can do everything in it! Steam, fry or even stew. An easy and handy pot. Its a must buy if you happen to pop into Takashimaya !

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Days at NUH

Thanks to my two dearest cousin's visit during my stay at NUH. Time just flew that fast....... its been a few months this picture was taken. Hmmm........this is my super nurse..... Peck Inn. Ohh....... i just miss my hair so much! Dun worry will grow it longer than that after a few months.