Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lion Dance Performance at Willyn's Florist

4th day of cny usually an auspicious day for all chinese to start up business....... Lion dances we were invited to hushes away bad lucks and bring good ones into the business. Willyn has just moved her florist to kiulap so today marks her grand opening of her florist.

Cousin You Are The Best !

Here's the wrap up of all the preparation that ni's has done during the past few months....... organizing and planning for the whole gathering. Thanks to NI for all her hard work otherwise we won't have all these photo and fun that we will never forget. Ni stayed up for the whole 24hrs yesterday to make sure everyone is happy and enjoyed wellll........ and she end up losing her voice today. Maybe its becos she has been talking for the whole 24hrs too..... haha, just kidding! Well Done Ni......... I will definetly be missing everyone that's going to leave this coming weekend. Looking forward for next year gathering........... what's our plan next? Diana and Doreen must join in next year!

Cousin's Gathering 2007 At the Empire!

Beach VolleyBall
Afternoon HighTea at the E - Lounge Our few shots of nice pictures taken on the day of our gathering at the empire............ aren't we alll good at posing ? we were all well trained since young..........

The Gamblers !!!

We are back to our childhood memories during this year cny......... During our childhood, gambling during cny is a Must. That will be our most happiest days becos we can gamble and play till dark at night without getting any limitation or scolding by the elders. This year we are back to our childhood memories sitting on the table full of stories and laughters and ofcourse our fav "black jacks".

Cute Little David

Our cute little david with his poses on his visit to my place during the 1st of cny. Isnt's he gorgeous?

1st Day Of Cny

Happy new year to everyone........... it me with my family taken during the first day of cny! All dressed up ready for ang pow collections...... heheh! Welll its a brand new year for everyone and hope it will be gonna a good year for everyone tooo! Gong xi Gong xi.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Nice Shots

Some pics that i took with my sis while we were in sg! its quite well taken....... although its a bit costly but its worth it! i did developed the pics for my scrapbook collection and it was quite well presented.