Monday, December 21, 2009

Continued ....... Mindful eating help to lose weight......

To be continued on how true mindful eating help to lose weight , throughout the seven days i tried it out myself and i feel that it really helps...... it does help to make me feel so much lighter becos you dun gulp while u r mindful but u chew more times than u usually are.
Without knowing much what meditation is all about but i have curiosity to try it out. Its vipassana meditation that i have attended. Its all about purification and mindfulness for our insight. Its really a 'no regret ' choice made for this holiday of mine..... my holiday has never been sooo grateful for all these years but this year it just make a turn on it.
There are RULES n REGULATIONS to follow throughout the seven days and the first rules will be waking up before 4.30am to start walking meditation that sounds impossible but that wasn't that hard. Two meals per day , only breakfast and lunch and yet you dun feel hungry at night, that sounds amazing. Experiences of meditation must be reported to the monk, its called the interview and it sounds like it should be a serious talk but surprisingly monk are as friendly as you can imagine.
Its really a good lesson that i have learnt on how to control, manage and plan for our present life.
Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu !

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