Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Food Marathon.........

Yikeess........ i finally got my pc repaired but seems like its not working very me too many problems ... maybe its also a good chance to find another excuse of getting a better one...... in which i have not decided what to get ! any good recommendations?
Here are the pics that we took while doreen and diana were in town last week........ We were having food marathon for the whole week. All we did was just eating! i have also put on too many extra pounds which i dun even dare to step on to the weighing scales. Oh ya but we did some exercise too....... and doreen took a nap.......... she is just a " P_G" isn't she ? hehehe
Last Sunday we had our final food marathon throughout the days becos doreen left yesterday..... Coming all the way from LA but just stayed for a week! She also spent too much time sleeping , when she recovers from her jetlag she is already back in LA having her meals alone ! Missing us here in Brunei ! But we miss you tooo !!! ha ha ha!
Ok......... here are what we did last sunday !
* Doreen and i had "ah lai's kolomee' for breakfast......... at 10 am,
* Laksa and popiah for lunch 12.15 pm
* Doreen had another 4 tablespoon of porridge for snacks ( he he he )....... at 1 pm
* kwong's treat at empire for hightea at 3.30pm
I skipped my dinner for that day, but i really enjoyed the time spending with my cousins......... becos whenever there's cousin gathering there's only jokes and laughters. Cousins r still the best !

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