Friday, April 27, 2007

A Brand New Life

Its been a year since things have changed for me.....though i have been through alot throughout the whole one year but it just seems to be like a nightmare becos i have everyone of your support and love all surrounded besides me! that gave me the courage to get on with my life ! Its today that i woke up from my nightmare when my doctor tells me that everything is over ! Thank you everyone for all your support and the love that u have given me ! i will forever appreciate and never forget!

Its really a tough year for me..... but it also a year i learnt to see everyone true colour and sincerity! i have also learn to know what's the rules of life are. I have also learnt when to let go and walk away with no other reasons, but just accept it , deal with it and most importantly forget about it ! I guess that's how our life should be in order for us to live in full contentment and happiness. We may get older by each year but not necessarily wiser........ thus lessons that we learnt through our life are the most important knowledge that we must have. It is becos there are some things in this life are important and a whole lot things that aren't! So what's most important in our rules of life is to think about what you do that counts most and do more of it. That's what we so called Life !

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Jasmine said...

Very well written...!
Auntie, I think you have gotten wiser ! Haha

On a serious note, I'm glad you are well and happy ..just remember being HAPPY is the most important thing in life,others are just secondary....