Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maureen Is Back !

Wow its been months that i have not updated my blog ! there are lots of queries why ! why ? i dun know but all i know i am getting lazier ! although there are lots of happening in life ! :0 ) good and bad ! oh well but that's life........ ! how's everyone and thanks for visiting my blog so often but thousands apologies for no new update on me ! and i just realise that i have not taken any pictures lately its all becos i dun think my camera is good in enough in capturing good pictures ! oh well..... here comes my greediness and unsatisfaction of my wants ! sorry , and i know i should feel contented with what i have ! i have not been doing scrapbooking for a quite a few months toooo.... been so busy with work lately its all becos of my students will be sitting their public exam this coming oct ! oh.... its still a long way but there are just too much to get prepared !

Here's the pic of my model everytime , little jaime! she is as cute always , talkative and sociable and most importantly loveable ! this was taken when i last visited her march 09' she was doing her homework " making sentences" for her K1 level! can u just imagine what she will be studying when she is year 1 ? maybe writing essays ! haha!

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