Saturday, July 21, 2007

Uplifting Trip

Ohh..... its been a while since i have updated my blog....... nothing much happening that is why nothing much to blog tooo...... Back from my trip and everything just went as it planned...... thanks god for the smooth plan.......Hopefully everything just go as welll for everyone too. Singapore is still such a country which everything is expensive, increament of GST to 7% that's ridiculously expensive for everything there......... maybe its becos as what someone said..... city life aren't suitable for kampong ppl! i will bear this in mind ! hahaa! This trip i get to meet my lovely niece jaime! she is sooo adorable. Talkative as usual but u will def love her when u see her! Her little sister tienni is just as cute tooo !

Two of my lovely layout . There's nothing that makes me look forward for the trip except my scrapbooking class! I enjoyed the class ofcourse. I have always think that both of the pics are lovely , save it up for my classes and thus it will be preserved to be the best layout for the month.

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