Thursday, May 24, 2007

Boston Restaurant

Remember " Lion Rest " in Brunei, where they served sizzling hot plate ? That's what everyone of us been talking about it again and again becos we missed their food so much ....... french toast and so many of the fusion food. Ni heard it from Jin Yong about a rest located at Wan Chai called the Boston rest serves exactly the same food that we have long missed. It may not be tasted the same becos every rest has it own unique standard, but i may say it tasted just as good! Try it if you have the chance....... every taxi driver in hk knows about the place ...................
After the heavy lunch Hsiii brought us to a very antique place for the famous " nai cha" as our teh tarik in brunei. We travelled all the way to "chung wan" for just that cup of tea. But its all worth......... becos it tasted smooth and warm................ and we bought 4 cheap and durable umbrellas there becos of the rain that started to falls.

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