Thursday, March 01, 2007

Buttermilk Prawn

Buttermilk prawn and chicken are two of the 'MUST' order dish when i am out for either lunch or dinner. But today i can cook it on my own ( proud of myself) without having the trouble of going out to the restaurant. All the thanks to Miss Ho ( Pei Fang) for her instructions and advice on the ingredients ( everyone said its sooo nice ) ! Her word of mouth is so much easier for me to follow instructions/ methods on cooking rather than me reading through the receipe book ( becos sometime u just dun understand what the book is talking about ) . Those who are interested ... let me know but i do charge! :) Will give commission to Miss Ho definetly.


yang said...

i want to know how to cook buttermilk chicken!! hehe..

Maureen said...

ohh really.... ok special offer to yang... ha ha ha!

this portion is for atleast 5 drumsticks... sooo u estimate.

ingredients :
*Marinate chicken with light soy sauce and sugar maybe with some cooking wine
Sauce :
*1 tbps of butter
*1/2 tin of ideal milk ( evaporated milk)
*sugar , salt and pepper
(according to your taste )
* approx 15 pieces of curry leaves

instructions / methods
step 1 :
* deep fried or fry chicken till it gets brown. leave it aside . wash the wok and proceed to step 2.
step 2 :
* melt the butter in the wok
* add curry leaves to fry till fragrant
*add in ideal milk , stir till it boils
* add in sugar , salt and pepper
*add in the deep fried or fry chicken to the sauce. wait till it boils . Ready to eat !

Hope you understand what i am talking about ! hahah .

yang said...

oo.. thank you soo much!! =)i'll try it soon.. but then no curry leaves here..

i kept asking my dad how to cook this dish.. n he said hve to use peanut butter.. i tried (mayb in the wrong proportions) which turned out to be something weird.. hahaha!

sieyee said...

wowow.. bi.. when u cook the buttermilk prawn.. look very nice ehh

Jin Yang said...

hey.. i just tried cooking.. n it turned out very good even though i don have curry leaves for the fragrant.. =)

thank you sooo much.. i owe you lots.. haha

Yen said...

hiii!! I curi your buttermilk recipe also hehe, yang published on his blog and redirected me to yours. :D

I'll let you know how I go - probably will be a bit cacat cos I'm a bit retarded when it comes to cooking. Hehe.. Gong Xi Fa Chai to everyone at home!

<3 Ying

Maureen said...

maureensGood good atleast everyone of you is making good use of my blog! enjoy it and wait for more post up after i am done with my treatment!

Maureen said...
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